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With the improvement of consumption level, businesses are now paying more attention to the outer packaging of their products, paying more attention to safety, environmental protection, and a sense of design. But after seeing so many packaging materials, do you know which ones are commonly used? Below is an analysis by the Jinan printing manufacturer for you:
Throughout the development process of packaging design, paper packaging materials, as a common packaging material, have been widely used in production and daily life. Paper material has low cost, is suitable for large-scale mechanized production, and has good formability and folding ability, suitable for exquisite printing, and has advantages such as recyclability, economy and environmental protection.
1. Kraft paper
It has high tensile strength, tear resistance, rupture energy, and dynamic strength. The texture is tough and affordable, with good folding and water resistance. Most of them are web paper, and there are also flat paper. It can be divided into single light, double light, stripe, and matte, with colors of white and yellow brown. It is mainly used for packaging paper, envelopes, shopping bags, paper bags, cement bags, and also for food packaging paper.
2. Coated paper
Coated paper, also known as printing coated paper. Mainly refined from advanced raw materials such as wood and cotton fibers. The surface is coated with polishing treatment to increase smoothness and luster, divided into single and double sides, and the paper surface is divided into two types: glossy surface and fabric texture. The paper has a smooth surface, high whiteness, good ink absorption and inking performance, can reflect all colors in the spectrum and achieve good results, and has small scalability.
Not only that, but also divided into single copper (coated with gloss on one side), double copper, matte copper and other types (matte coated paper is matte paper, which is more expensive than coated paper). Commonly used grams are 80g, 105g, 115g, 128g, 157g, 180g, 200g, 250g, etc. It is suitable for color printing, mainly used for offset printing, gravure printing fine screen printing, such as senior picture albums, calendars, illustrations in books and periodicals, etc. After printing, the colors are bright and the layers are diverse.
3. Whiteboard paper
Whiteboard is a kind of paperboard with white and smooth front and mostly gray back. This kind of paperboard is mainly used to make cartons for packaging after single-sided color printing. The texture is hard and thick, with good upright strength, surface strength, folding resistance, and printing adaptability, suitable for making packaging boxes, lining boards, handmade products, etc.
4. Corrugated paper
Corrugated paper has the advantages of lightweight and sturdy, strong load-bearing and pressure resistance, shock resistance, moisture resistance, and low cost. Single sided corrugated cardboard is generally used as a lining protection layer for product packaging or to make lightweight grids and pads to protect goods from vibration or collision during storage and transportation; Three or five layers of corrugated cardboard are used to make sales packaging for goods; Seven or eleven layer corrugated cardboard is mainly used to produce packaging boxes for mechanical and electrical products, furniture, motorcycles, large household appliances, etc. Corrugated paper can be divided into seven types according to its shape: A pit, B pit, C pit, D pit, E pit, F pit, and G pit. A pit, B pit, and C pit are generally used for outer packaging, while D pit and E pit are generally used for small and medium-sized packaging.
5. Gold and silver cardboard
In order to highlight the quality of printed packaging products, more and more customers are choosing to use gold and silver cards for printing. Based on years of printing experience, some issues that need to be noted in the printing process of gold and silver cards are summarized as follows: gold and silver cards are a special type of paper, unlike ordinary paper, they are divided into two types: bright gold cards and dumb gold cards, bright silver cards and dumb silver cards. It is a foil film medium made of gold and silver on the basis of single copper paper or gray board paper. This material is not easy to absorb ink during printing, so a fast drying ink is used for printing.
That's all for the basic knowledge points and related matters of various paper printing and packaging. We hope to provide you with good help. For more information, please come to our website http://www.xinfengyinshua.cn consulting service
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