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Synthetic paper takes synthetic resin (such as PP, PE, etc.) as the main raw material, melts the resin through a certain process, extrudes and stretches the resin into a film, and then carries out paper-based processing to make its natural plant fiber have whiteness, opacity and printability. General synthetic paper is divided into two categories: one is fiber synthetic paper, the other is film synthetic paper.
Synthetic paper has excellent printing performance and will not break in the printing process; The surface of synthetic paper has a small concave convex shape, which is conducive to improving opacity and printing adaptability; Synthetic paper has good image reproducibility, clear dot, soft color, stable size and not easy to aging.
Embossed paper is characterized by mechanical embossing or wrinkling, forming concave convex patterns on the surface of paper or paperboard. Embossed paper improves its decorative effect by embossing to make the paper more textured. Many flexible packaging papers are often embossed before or after printing to improve the visual effect of packaging and the value of goods.
Embossing paper embossing can be divided into two types: overprint embossing and non overprint embossing. The so-called overprint embossing is to press the shape of the printed flower into a concave convex shape according to the shape of the printed flower, so as to drum up the pattern and play the role of aesthetic decoration. There is no set of relief, that is, there is no direct relationship between relief patterns and printed patterns, and there are a variety of relief patterns. Such as: cloth pattern, twill pattern, needle mesh pattern, skin pattern, hemp pattern, etc.
① 做丝网纸。网版纸的线条图案是看不见的、柔软的。有些进口网版纸含有棉花,所以质地比较柔软、自然且富有韧性,适合包装印刷。
① Make silk mesh paper. The line pattern of screen paper is invisible and soft. Some imported screen paper contains cotton, so the texture is soft, natural and tough, suitable for packaging and printing.
② 古董效果纸。许多客户和平面设计师都喜欢高品质的素色无涂层纸。他们喜欢这种纸温暖潮湿的感觉。此外,书籍的出版还需要更耐用的纸张,更希望纸张是新鲜的、刚性的,以保证印刷效果稳定一致。采用仿古效果纸设计的产品简洁、美观、典雅。
② Antique effect paper. Many customers and graphic designers like high-quality plain uncoated paper. They like the warmth and humidity of the paper. In addition, the publication of books also needs more durable paper, and we hope that the paper is fresh and rigid to ensure the stable and consistent printing effect. The products designed with antique effect paper are simple, beautiful and elegant.
③ 掺杂剂和特效纸。为了达到自然再造的效果,在纸浆中加入各种杂物,一些再生纸中加入矿石、雪、花瓣等杂质,使纸张形成斑点或产生羊皮纸效果。
③ Dopant and special effect paper. In order to achieve the effect of natural recycling, various sundries are added to the pulp, and impurities such as ore, snow and petals are added to some recycled paper to make the paper form spots or produce parchment effect.
This kind of paper is deeply loved by consumers. It is the of various certificates, book covers, restaurant recipes and wine lists. Because the appearance of paper has special effects, designers often print it as a simple printing and boring original.
④ 未涂布的图案纸。涂层纸的自然纹理和可印刷性可以结合起来。纸张两面经过特殊处理,减少纸张的吸水率,使油墨留在纸张表面,油墨的质感效果更好。金属珠光贴面系列纸可随人眼视角的不同而变化,印刷后效果更佳。
④ Uncoated pattern paper. The natural texture and printability of coated paper can be combined. Both sides of the paper are specially treated to reduce the water absorption of the paper, so that the ink remains on the paper surface, and the texture effect of the ink is better. The metal pearlescent veneer series paper can change with the perspective of human eyes, and the effect is better after printing.
⑤ 古纸。它是高品质商业、书写、印刷用纸的标志和代号,深受**各地酒店、银行和企业的喜爱。
⑤ Antique paper. It is the symbol and code of high-quality commercial, writing and printing paper, which is deeply loved by hotels, banks and enterprises all over * *.
⑥ 珠光纸。纸张的颜色可以根据视角的变化产生不同的颜色感。它的光泽是由光在纸张表面的色散和折射形成的,具有“银光闪烁”的效果。因此,具有金属特性的图案将非常优秀,适合制作各种高档精细化、现代化的时尚印刷品。
⑥ Pearlescent paper. The color of paper can produce different color sense according to the change of viewing angle. Its luster is formed by the dispersion and refraction of light on the paper surface, which has the effect of "silver flicker". Therefore, the patterns with metal characteristics will be very excellent and suitable for making all kinds of high-grade fine and modern fashion prints.
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